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I am 15 and my brother is a year younger. We were in the middle of water restrictions and one morning my Dad asked us to try and save water any way we could. My brother suggested that we not flush the toilet every time and maybe shower together. That evening, my mom and dad were going out after supper. After they had left we watched TV for a while. When the show ended I got up and said to my brother that I was going to have a shower. He suggested we shower together. I said OK and we went up together. In the bathroom I got undressed and turned the water on in the shower. While I was adjusting the water, my brother came in and got undressed. As we had separate rooms, I had not seen my brother naked for quite awhile. I was circumcised but he was not. I was quite surprised at how much pubic hair he had and how his cock had grown. Although it was not as long as my 15 cm cock, it was close to it. I also noticed he had a half boner. I got into the shower and he followed. We started to soap ourselves and wash. He then asked if I wanted him to wash my back for me, I said that would be nice and he started to rub soap all over my back. He then used his hands to wash me. He started at the top and worked his way down. Suddenly his hands were washing my bum. His one hand went into my crack and he rubbed his fingers all around my anus. The feeling was exquisite. He must have noticed my enjoyment because his hands went further down and into my crotch, where he started to caress my balls. This brought my cock to a full bone. I looked down and saw that he also had a full on bone. He then moved around to the front and rubbed soap on my cock. By this time pre cum was flowing copiously from my cock. I thought I would pass out from the pleasure it was giving me. His hand then wrapped itself around my cock and he slowly started to masturbate me. I was in heaven. He started to use my pre cum to lubricate my cock and his hand slid up and down my cock without chafing me at all.

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