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I'm trying to restart Lube Your Tube. I hope that I can communicate with many people, especially people who are interested in Speedo (a kind of nice swim suit). I intend to join the Video chat and to post the short video (of course the target is me with Speedo).

About a year ago, I began training in the gym, and I'm keeping doing it. I'm afraid of that the effect of it seems to be limited..., but I don't give up to polish myself to show my body to many people in this web site, twitter, and so on.

Please feel free to talk to me.
Nice to meet you, again!

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Rockyrd - 321 days ago
I love speedos, and your profile pic (is that you?). Do the video.It will be nice to beyond the speedo too . . . Don't worry about trying to get 'big'/'buff'. If you are more skinny with tight abs and lean/athletic muscle (exactly like your profile pic) , that MUCH hotter! That pic is turn-on enough for me . .

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