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It only took a while to fix them lol but they are back again.

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Hi, I'm New Here, Please add me

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By the time he finally looked back at us we were side by side under adjacent jets of water, our backs to him. No sign of what had just happened betrayed our little adventure.

‘Maybe now you’ll behave in gym class,’ Dean tutted and flicked his towel against the back of my legs.

I felt the sting, yelped and flinched. But then, as he left us to finish washing, I felt the after-sting, a dull, warming pain and decided that it felt good.

But my mind was distracted. As soon as Dean left the shower Milo lent over to me, took my aching cock in his hand, pulled me towards him and kissed me hard.
‘Let’s get into trouble again,’ he whispered.
‘I can’t wait.’

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Hi Guys, I'm new here, I hope you like my posts.

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I am 15 and my brother is a year younger. We were in the middle of water restrictions and one morning my Dad asked us to try and save water any way we could. My brother suggested that we not flush the toilet every time and maybe shower together. That evening, my mom and dad were going out after supper. After they had left we watched TV for a while. When the show ended I got up and said to my brother that I was going to have a shower. He suggested we shower together. I said OK and we went up together. In the bathroom I got undressed and turned the water on in the shower. While I was adjusting the water, my brother came in and got undressed. As we had separate rooms, I had not seen my brother naked for quite awhile. I was circumcised but he was not. I was quite surprised at how much pubic hair he had and how his cock had grown. Although it was not as long as my 15 cm cock, it was close to it. I also noticed he had a half boner. I got into the shower and he followed. We started to soap ourselves and wash. He then asked if I wanted him to wash my back for me, I said that would be nice and he started to rub soap all over my back. He then used his hands to wash me. He started at the top and worked his way down. Suddenly his hands were washing my bum. His one hand went into my crack and he rubbed his fingers all around my anus. The feeling was exquisite. He must have noticed my enjoyment because his hands went further down and into my crotch, where he started to caress my balls. This brought my cock to a full bone. I looked down and saw that he also had a full on bone. He then moved around to the front and rubbed soap on my cock. By this time pre cum was flowing copiously from my cock. I thought I would pass out from the pleasure it was giving me. His hand then wrapped itself around my cock and he slowly started to masturbate me. I was in heaven. He started to use my pre cum to lubricate my cock and his hand slid up and down my cock without chafing me at all.

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I'm trying to restart Lube Your Tube. I hope that I can communicate with many people, especially people who are interested in Speedo (a kind of nice swim suit). I intend to join the Video chat and to post the short video (of course the target is me with Speedo).

About a year ago, I began training in the gym, and I'm keeping doing it. I'm afraid of that the effect of it seems to be limited..., but I don't give up to polish myself to show my body to many people in this web site, twitter, and so on.

Please feel free to talk to me.
Nice to meet you, again!

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the best sex and most intense orgasms i've ever had were with my second boyfriend.

he was young but legal when we met.

I have an intense foot fetish -- wide soles and feet smells make me cum easily.

he had very wide feet, and knew about my fetish. the first time i met him and had any sexual interaction with me, he surprised me by indulging me in my foot fetish -- he hadn't washed his feet or changed his socks in 2 weeks. he took off his shoes and i could instantly smell his socks and feet. i instantly got hard and started precumming.

he took off his socks and shoved his huge wide smelly feet in my face, and made me smell them. he spread his toes and put my nose between them, making me smell his 2-week sweaty stinky feet.

it didn't take me long, i came pints of cum in his mouth -- he ate it all.

is anyone else into this? I'll write more if so.

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When I wank myself I always enjoy the taste of my pre cum, and while my brother jerked me off, I gathered some pre cum in my hand and put it my mouth. This enhanced the pleasure I was experiencing. It was not long before I felt the orgasm building up in me. My breathing quickened. My brother must have noticed because his hand started to pump my cock much quicker. I would never have thought that I would be in a position where my younger brother was jerkin me off'. Suddenly I was there and the orgasm was the most intense one that I had ever had. Cum started to pump from my cock in streams. When it was over my brother said to me that he had always dreamed of doing that to me. I said to him that it was now my turn with him. I started to soap his back, not bothering to go high up, but rather started on his bum. I slid my hand into his crack and started to massage his anus. I then carefully slid my middle finger into his hole and started to move it in and out. I half turned him and with my other started to soap his cock and balls. While sliding my finger in and out of his burn hole, I wrapped my other hand around his cock and started sliding his foreskin up and down his cock. I then pulled his foreskin all the way back and using the soap as a lubricant, started to slowly masturbate him. He closed his eyes in pleasure and his breathing became ragged. I slowly started to speed up tossing him off. It was not long before I could tell he was going to cum. Suddenly he was there and a few drops of spunk started to come out of the end of his swollen cock, which by now was bright red with orgasm. He thanked me and said that he also had never had such an extreme orgasm and pleasure.

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We did the same thing to each other whenever we showered together. The next week when our parents were out, my brother asked me if he could try something on me. Not sure whether it involved sex, I agreed. He took me to his room and unbuttoned and removed my shirt, I then knew it did involve sex and my cock started to get hard. He then pulled my pants and underpants off. I was naked with my cock standing straight out. My brother than undressed and I saw he also had a full on bone. He asked me to lie on the bed on my back. He brought out a small plastic container of jam, which he proceeded to empty onto my hard cock. Then to my further surprise he took my cock in his mouth and started to suck my cock with relish. I was in ecstasy having never had a blow job before. It was not long before I was cumming and I felt the spunk spurting out of the end of my cock, into my brother's mouth. He swallowed it all and kept sucking till I was finished. It was fantastic, even better than when we jerked each other off. He then asked me to kneel at the end of his bed and put my arms on his bed. He had a jar of Vaseline. He pulled his foreskin right back and rubbed some Vaseline onto his cherry. He then got behind m~ and slowly pushed his cock into my bum. Once his cock was fully lubricated he started thrusting it in and out. It was not long before he came. He also said his orgasm was better than me wanking him. One time while we in the shower and my brother was masturbating me, we must have left the door unlocked and my dad walked in just as I was just getting an orgasm. We were so shocked, that brother didn't even stop wanking me. He stood watching us, mostly keeping his eyes on my cock, and watched me shooting my load, smiling the whole time. After I had finished ejaculating, he walked out and closed the door. He never mentioned tl1is episode to either us again. We continued to have sex, wanking sessions sucking sessions and bum sex together, right up till the time I went off to college. Those were great times.