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the best sex and most intense orgasms i've ever had were with my second boyfriend.

he was young but legal when we met.

I have an intense foot fetish -- wide soles and feet smells make me cum easily.

he had very wide feet, and knew about my fetish. the first time i met him and had any sexual interaction with me, he surprised me by indulging me in my foot fetish -- he hadn't washed his feet or changed his socks in 2 weeks. he took off his shoes and i could instantly smell his socks and feet. i instantly got hard and started precumming.

he took off his socks and shoved his huge wide smelly feet in my face, and made me smell them. he spread his toes and put my nose between them, making me smell his 2-week sweaty stinky feet.

it didn't take me long, i came pints of cum in his mouth -- he ate it all.

is anyone else into this? I'll write more if so.